Spoon Dance In The Hippocampus
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Der Hippokampus
The hippocampus

Today we differentiate between four memory systems. The episodic memory—the most recent system in terms of developmental history (autobiographical events are stored here)—and the semantic memory where factual knowledge is processed both work consciously in the mind and are termed either explicit or declarative memory. On the contrary, the procedural memory and the priming memory, which react implicitly, function unconsciously. The former is responsible for instructions, for the training of motor abilities (that then run automatically), and the later processes sense stimuli such as colors and smells, which also set off memories of similar situations. Previously encountered stimuli are stored here for recall. The recall of information is based on a certain trigger; according to necessity, either an individual system or several systems are thus activated.

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Bettina Henkel, Secession 2004